Engaged Yoga

Yoga Woven into Daily Life

By Christopher Gladwell & Louise Wender

This life-changing, contemporary and evolutionary yoga book offers a feeling of how you can more fully reconnect and integrate what’s truly important and change your world for the better. It’s been called “A manual for a joyous, connected and awakened life”. Engaged yoga looks at many aspects of life and how authentic yoga affects all our life, our relationship and our world. Engaged yoga is also a tapestry of teachings and practices to help you deepen in practice and live an awakened life.
Format: Paperback | 269 pages
Dimensions: 300 x 160 x 225mm
Publication date: 21 Sept 2014
Publisher: Siddha Publishing CIC
Language: English
ISBN-10 0956792243
ISBN-13 978-0956792242

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