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Eclipse Leggings

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Product Overview

Eclipse Sustainable Sports Leggings

Eclipse sports leggings use fabric made from recycled bottles and clothing. They provide medium compression with full squat proof coverage. Each leg features generous side pockets.

Eclipse sports leggings are made using a very unique fabric. Patented in Japan, this particular fabric is probably the most sustainable polyester based textile on the market. It is made using recycled polyester fibre that began as used bottles and polyester clothing. This particular process produces a finished product that has the same quality and functionality of virgin polyester. What is particularly unique to this process of fabric making is it’s ‘closed-loop‘. This means that the chemicals and water are being used over and over again meaning minimal environmental impact (the circle above the logo is our tribute to this special fabric).
  • Incorporating true 4-way movement through individual panel jointing, these sports leggings offer medium compression. They have a fibre knit construction that provides full squat proof coverage; your go-to gym leggings for leg day!
  • The Eclipse sports legging is medium-rise and features our trademark oversized 20mm grip band. Each leg has generous side pockets. The Apexgray logo is positioned on the front upper thigh, together with the circle denoting it’s environmental credentials.
  • The 260gsm density fabric has achieved a number of accolades including the Global Recycled Standard, OEKO-TEX and the Green-Circle certificate.
  • 79% Recycled Polyester
    21% Elastane


(No reviews yet) Write a Review