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Health & Ayurveda

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50 hour professional development course
One of six study modules on the Yogafurie 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training
Course dates June 16-18 & July 8-9 2023
Course cost £699. A deposit of £199 secures your space. If you pay in full before June 1st 2023 you get a £50 discount and pay only £649. For information on paying in installments email
Course information
Yoga's rich tradition encompasses many different teachings and schools of thought. All broadly agree that energy and consciousness are at work at the most fundamental level in our everyday lives.
In this module, you'll learn that the human frame is an expression of a subtle energy body, as taught in the classic Hatha Yoga Pradipika. You'll discover how the science of Ayurveda builds on this model to diagnose and eradicate physical ill-health, and how the energy body underpins and supports all of our Hatha Yoga practices.
How will this change our own practice? We'll look at the implications for both physical practice and personal lifestyle choices if health is a central priority.
We'll revisit Patanjali's lifestyle observances - the yamas and niyamas - and ask: can a health focused practice minimise the build up of karma? Finally, we'll contrast Patanjali's sutric teachings and practices with some of the later tantric ideals and methods to understand key synergies and differences.
This module is formally assessed. Upon successful completion of the study period and the assessment, you'll earn 50 CPD hours to add to your professional teaching profile. You can choose your method of assessment from these options:
Design a 3 hour workshop for Yoga asana practitioners that focuses on the study topics. You will need to submit your workshop plans, a selection of feedback from attendees, and a report describing how you integrated your new knowledge into the content.
Prepare a 3000 word personal practice summary and schedule based on any area of study covered in the module.
Your schedule/ summary will   include:
Details of your current practice - why do you do what you currently do? 2)
What you want from your practice.
What are your health goals?
Your own research from topics covered in this module which will support your health goals.
List out the practices that will help you towards greater health, and give reasons why you feel they will work, referencing your research to support your reasoning.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review